@TrustedSec Penetration Testers Framework (PTF)

A new framework of pentesting tools has been released by @TrustedSec which I think is a *must have* in your toolkit.

Not only are cool tools being added constantly:

They are constantly updated every time we run PTF.

The tools are beautifully organised for us in intuitive folders: Intelligence-GatheringExploitation, Post-Exploitation etc. These are all available to us in the /pentest folder.

Many of the tools have “launchers” so no matter where you are in your system you can type the launcher alias such as “setoolkit” and it loads.

Installation is a doddle:

git clone https://github.com/trustedsec/ptf

Then cd to the new ptf directory:

sudo ./ptf

Once this is running we now need to download all the modules which takes some time but is well worth the wait:

use modules/install_update_all

After answering a few questions along the way you’ll be greeted by:

Hack the Planet

[*] All finished installing/and or updating. All shiny again.

Very satisfying. And we can use the install_update_all module at any time to pull down everything new and make it all shiny again.

This is a LOVELY framework of perfectly chosen pentesting tools, always up-to-date, easy to use and install.

From my experience of trying this on a few Linux distros I’d advise heading for Ubuntu 14.04.

Here’s Dave Kennedy giving a short talk at Derbycon 2015 entitled:

The Pentesters Framework PTF The easy way to roll your own distro