GDPR – The Right To Be Forgotten

In light of recent headlines purporting our ‘Right to be Forgotten’ is newly enshrined in the General Data Protection regulation (GDPR) I thought I’d take a closer look. The ‘right to be forgotten’ actually has its roots in the 1995 Data Protection Directive: Article 12 Right of access Member States shall guarantee every data subject the right to obtain from the controller: (b) as appropriate the rectification, erasure or blocking of data the processing of which does not comply with the provisions of this Directive, in particular because of the incomplete or inaccurate nature of the data; This Article (among others) was Read More

#GDPR – You have two years to comply

After four years of discussions – and no doubt many head-desk moments – the Official Journal of the European Union has published the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This replaces the 1995 Data Protection Directive. The distinction between “Regulation” and “Directive” is an important one. The previous directive was just that – a document to direct EU member states in the formation of national legislation pertaining to data protection. The regulation differs in that it is directly applicable to all member states without the need for legislation on a national level. Although there remains a small degree of latitude on certain matters for individual states, Read More

The war on terror hijacked for the war on privacy

I’m always wary when politicians use highly unusual and (thankfully) statistically rare and tragic events to promote change in society. As you can imagine this means my ‘wary senses’ are tingled often, especially after an incident such as the recent Paris attacks. I don’t consider myself a great champion of privacy; in fact, I view it as a relatively recent notion, especially when considering historical societal and familial structures. And to be honest, I am more concerned with my data in the hands of unaccountable corporate behemoths, than with government. Having said that, it gets me down that every single tragic, violent, unusual, act of terrorism, Read More