A Few Good Infosec Blog Links

The below are some links posted over the last few days by my Infosec Blogs Twitter account that caught my attention:

Sheets on Sheets on Sheets (Cheat sheets for PowerView, PowerUp and Empire) – By @harmj0y

Protecting Windows Networks – Dealing with Credential Theft – By @dfirblog

Wi-Fi routers – the internet’s next Archilles heel – By @DavidLWaterson

Thoughts on Exploiting a Remote WMI Query Vulnerability – By @mattifestation

Developing an Enterprise IPv6 Security Strategy / Part 1: Baseline Analysis of IPv4 Network Security By @Enno_Insinuator

Anonymous Versus Da’esh: It’s OPCARTEL All Over Again – By @krypt3ia

84% of consumers think companies should be held responsible for data security – by @ITGovernance

I also want to add this Red Team Reading List put together by @MicahZenko the author of Red Team How to Succeed By Thinking Like the Enemy