Securing the Internet of Things

People talk of the coming Internet of Things (IoT) but what is it and when is it coming? The Oxford English Dictionary defines it thusly: The interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data. Okay, so when is it coming? The truth is, it’s already here. Gartner estimates that there will be 4.9 billion connected devices this year, up 30% on last year, rising to 25 billion in 2020. With the plethora of news relating to IoT application vulnerabilities, coupled with IoT applications’ increasing demand for user-device information, which is Read More

DDoS attacks strike hard over the festive period

With Grinch-like predictability, DDoS attacks have almost become part of the Christmas and New Year festive period. Last year saw Microsoft and Sony gaming networks swamped and taken offline much to the chagrin of players worldwide. I’m not entirely sure what the “hacktivists’” motives were and I’m not convinced they feel they need one. This year was no different except for this particular DDoS attack on Steam, which allowed users to view other users’ private information: In response to this specific attack, caching rules managed by a Steam web caching partner were deployed in order to both minimize the impact on Steam Read More